Votes stolen affair in Hyuga mayor election!

I ran for Hyuga mayor election March 17 last month and I lost for a specific reason. That is a crime in the election. However accidentally our local media Waiwai broadcasted opening of votes in YouTube. There are many illegal actions by persons of city hall. Those are unbelievable scenes for all of us.

I looked into the video(YouTube) by Waiwai again and again. And then I found out that five men of city hall stole my votes and brought them to two other candidates’ table or box. The number is about 3300 votes at least.

I edited Waiwai original to watch easily and shortly. Won’t you watch my edition?
Click photos below to watch  my edition.


I decided to accuse them of this election crime.
I handed in the documents of accusation to Miyazaki District Public Prosecutors Office with my lawyer May1. My lawyer and I accounted for the crime in Hyuga mayor election using the video of opening votes to two officers there for about an hour.

They told us that these doubtful actions were not accidental but intentional exactly, after a while we were going to tell you about our decision on what we should do next for this affair.

One of them asked me what I wanted most. I answered it was the most important that we made sure how many votes each candidate got.

Anyway I guess twenty persons of city hall at least committed this crime.
It means the death of Japanese democracy.
Who planed such a incredible crime on earth?